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Taijiquan originates from the Martial Art - WuShu - and is mostly done in slow motion. Each form and style is based on its own principles and theories. In Martial Art exists a certain order in the exercises and the movements. this order is created in a certain style. The order is done in a way that it can also be used in fight. In this order are different techniques so that you can win a fight. In Taiji you also see that there is a certain order in the exercises and in the movements. Taiji developed from the same movements as Martial Art. The difference between Taiji and Wushu is in speed of the movements - Taiji is done in a slower way. Therefore one can develop a more internal style, where the breathing and flow of Qi has to be coordinated. Because of the slow movements of Taiji it is also very good to work on ones health.


In the lessons the emphasize lays in the repetition of the movements. One learns a certain form which contains a specific order of movements. One will see and learn how those movements are done and what they are used for. The correct execution movements are stressed in those lessons. Every part of a form and every movements opens certain meridians in ones body is therefore also healing for the connected internal organs. It is said that by repeating certain movements and exercisses which are good for ones health, one lives longer.....


On Saturday 1 December my teacher, Shifu Zhu Shaofan comes her from Switzerland. We organised a workshop for that day. Ask us for more information and registration or download it here (only available in Dutch).

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advanced 1 - 108 form Yang style, double fan   19.00 - 20.00, Noorderdiep 57, 9521BB Nieuw-Buinen email
beginner 1 - basic Taiji, basic tuishou, 12 form Yang 19.00 - 20.00, Noorderdiep 57, 9521BB Nieuw-Buinen   email
advanced 2 - 32 Yang sword, start Sun style 93 form 20.15 - 21.15, Noorderdiep 57, 9521BB Nieuw-Buinen   email