Lymphedrainage is a massage technique, which is aimed at the lymphatic system. This system is a secondary ciculation system. It is, unlike the blood cicrulation, not a closed system and it doesn't have its own pump. The lymphatic fluids move slowly and under a low pressure. The movement of the muscles makes the fluid move through the channels. With massaging, the lymphatic system can be activated and supported. The lymphatic system cleans the body from wasteproducts. These wasteproducts come from the body itself and from the pollution in our environment. On another level the lymphatic system also removes the emotional energy, which is stored in the body. If this energy stagnates, the body will have difficulties to function in a good way. A lymphdrainage, as given by Janet, works deeply cleansing on the physical and emotional aspects of the body. A treatment takes an hour and the whole lymphatic system will be activated. Afterwards it is important to drink enough water so the body can have the chance to clean itself even more.