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The meaning of long fei feng wu is "Flying Dragon Dancing Phoenix". This chinese expression means that things are done in a beautiful and artful way. Originally we find this expression in the art of Calligraphy. Dragon and Phoenix also stand for "Water" and "Fire", which are synonyms for Yin and Yang, the two basic powers of chinese philosophy that are responsible for movement and therefore for Life. By flying and dancing together they create the movement that brings life energy (Qi). This life energy is all around us and also flows through all the energy pathways of our body.


In accordance with name and logo Bernhard Nessensohn and Janet Holtkamp, are aiming at guiding people to come back to their original energy and state of being. Out of that an inner balance can develop and therefore health can be restored. The methods they are using have their origins in oriental and western philosophy and healthcare.



On saturday 1 december we organise a day workshop with my teacher Shifu Zhu Shaofan from Switzerland. Please click here for more information.




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