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Our senses tell us that there must be an explanation why certain places attract us while others do not. But our mind often refuses to take these feelings serously. With Feng Shui and its clear laws it is possible to describe the power of spaces and to use it. Our emotional percerption will respond immediately when a room has been designed according to Feng Shui.

n the centre of Feng Shui design stands the human being and his/her relation to space. Our environment affects us! Our energy, our well-being, our motivation and our health depend considerably on the premises in which we live and work. Therefore Feng Shui rooms are designed with long-tested criteria - colors, shapes, materials, plants, stones and decorative objects play an important role.
In addition to aesthetic and functional considerations, energetic qualities are exceedingly included in the room design. In this sense we use the positive effects of the naturally availlable vibrations for harmonious living and working.


The course will be given by André Pasteur from Zwitzerland


After reading a Feng Shui book in the mid 80s, André was delighted about the philosophy that buildings have a significant influence on people. He was so fascinated that he began intensively with Feng Shui and subsequently also with the Chinese astrology. The passion of the ETH graduated pharmacist, grew over the years, as has his interest in architecture. Since 1994 André Pasteur teaches Feng Shui mainly in his instiute INFIS in Switzerland. The inexhaustible depth of Feng Shui brings with it that he is constantly increasing his own knowledge with further educations in China en Indonesië.






chinese smiley News: Because of not enough inscriptions for the course in February we decided to postpone the start of the fengshui education till November 2012.


course fengshui
  friday - sunday   inscribing
form-school, bagua, working with pendulum, wujineigong 10-12 february 2012
4-6 may 2012
2-4 november 2012
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