Children-Acupuncture erke



Children easily get sick but they also quickly recover again. It is very good to treat small children when they are sick, so the dieseases don't penetrate deeper into the system. In the first seven years of our life it is easiest to get rid of disease in our body. Acupuncture carries the big advantage that there will be no bad side-effects happening as it might sometimes occur with western medication.


Somtimes a child has some traumatic experience with needles through a lot of visits in a hospital or with a doctor and taking blood for many times. In those cases it is also possible to stimulate the acupunture-points in another way with the help of massage or of a LLLT-laser. The last one is absolutely without pain.

Complaints that can be treated with acupunture:

Digestive problems, like bellyache, eating problems, problems with the intestines, like diarrhea or constipation, lung problems like coughing, having a cold, influenza, bronchitis, asthma, throat-, nose- and earproblems, fever, headaches, enuresis, insomnia, teething problems, eczema, tiredness, hyperactivity, ADHD, concentration prolems, emotional problems, skeleto-muscular diseases, neurological dieseases