Acupuncture zhenjiu



Acupuncture is our basic way of treatment. This is a 4000-year-old method of healing in which one uses very fine needles in order to bring the Qi (often translated as life-energy) within the body into movement. In order to have a good functioning of the body, Qi has to flow freely. Qi is the engine behind a lot of processes in the body - to let Xue (Blood) flow and to nourish the internal organs. Sometimes there are circumstances that block the free flow of Qi. The reasons can be climatical circumstances, exhaustion because of to much work, long lasting emotional overload or pollution. It is possible to let the Qi flow again through stimulating certain points on the body-surface and so to restore a better balance of Yin and Yang. This will lead to an increasing of the self-healing capacity of the body.

Some of the complaints that can be treated with acupuncture: headaches, depressions, fears and phobias, burn-outs, muscle- and joint pains, hormonal disbalances, problems in the digestive system, lungproblems, problems of the immune system, allergies, insomnia, recovering from long during diseases and problems from use of medications f.e. antibiotics, etc.

Next to acupuncture the treatments can also include secondary techniques:

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