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Qi is the Chinese word for life-energy. According to Chinese philosophy Qi is the force that is flowing in all living things. When one is alive one is filled with Qi, if one is dead, Qi is gone. A healthy person mostly has more Qi than a sick one. But health is more than an abundance of Qi, health also means that the Qi is clean rather that dirty and that if flows instead of being blocked. Life-energy is everywhere in nature and also gives the possibility for movement. On earth everything is moving, even the earth herself, which is transforming constantly. When we enjoy the beauty of nature, of the animals, the plants, the mountains and the sea than we can feel this life-energy. We are part of nature and therefore also part of this life-energy on earth. Gong stands for work or improving by doing exercises. So Qigong stands for working with Qi in order to learn to control and to let this Qi flow through ones body to improve ones health and to establish a balance between body, mind and spirit.


There are two main categories of Qigong: a dynamic or active form (Dong Gong) and a quiet or passive form (Jing Gong). Dynamic Qigong has certain specific movements - the body moves from one posture to another, as in a dance. This is the more known way of Qigong in the west as in China. The aim is to bring the mind into rest through the outer movements. In the quiet Qigong is the body resting and Qi is controlled and moved through the body with concentration, visualization and breathing. Jing Gong is therefore a more meditative form where the outside is resting and the body is in a state just before falling asleep, while the inside is active. Shen/Spirit is active and guides Qi, sometimes supported through the breathing. Both forms are important - either one seeks stillness through movement or is attentive in ones rest.






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Qigong is also a treatment method where the practinioner qigongapp transmits Qi to work on specific pathologies of the client, in a similar way as this is done with acupuncture needles. This treating method we use often in our sessions, also in combination with needles.